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MRC Risks

MRC Risks

MRC is the underlying mechanism that drives the Marco Network, and supporting MRC is a vote of confidence in the success of our platform. That being said, there are several risks that all users should be aware of.

Project Risk

As with any project, the development and execution of our platform carry with it the risk of delay and even failure. The core team has a strong track record of development and business management experience, but this is not a guarantee of success. The team will endeavor to hit the milestones outlined in the project roadmap and will be as transparent as possible regarding our progress and any challenges met.You have to keep in mind that Marco Platform is a long-term project.It takes between 3-5 years from the time that project comes up and runs to become profitable.

Cryptocurrency Risk

By nature, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, with highly fluctuating prices. Do not purchase more MRC tokens than you are willing to lose. Take time to understand our project and vision. Our goal is to find like-minded participants who have a high likelihood of being active contributors and users in our open platform.
A recent ruling by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC has indicated that companies that undertake an ICO may need to register with the SEC if the token is considered a financial security.
Most recently, PBoC released a statement10 regarding ICOs, which includes banning raising funds through ICOs, strengthening supervision of related ICO platforms, and stressing the public to be aware of the risks surrounding ICOs.