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Marco Application

Marco Application

The Marco App is the key application to bring the value of the Marco Network to life. It is an example of a DApp on the Marco protocol, using its open API and transparent data access. It also serves to upstart the ecosystem, by forging a content platform with a powerful incentive scheme, a zero-commission marketplace for business venues, and an advertising model that rewards users.
The Marco App allows users to access the decentralized database of location-based information about hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, museums, and other travel and lifestyle venues. Users are encouraged to share quality reviews with the community in exchange for MRC tokens.
  • Marco Home Screen
    The home screen displays the content feed, curated by
    AI and algorithms that learn about users’ location and experience preferences.
    The navigation provides easy access to the discovery mode, the content creation tool, friends and groups as well as user profile which includes token management
  • Discovery
    The discovery feed can be toggled between hot topics, new topics and recommendations nearby. Hot and new topics are both feeds controlled by algorithms to make sure the content displayed is of top relevancy.
Recommendations nearby come from friends, groups the user is associated with, experts the user follows or are suggestions based on user profiles.
  • My Profile
    On the profile page users can manage their profile and preferences, access bookmarks made and content created, manage their tokens and wallet, visit their transaction history and discover opportunities to make more tokens through bounty hunts or by opting into advertising.

The Location-Based Review and Content Application

Existing review websites are plagued by fake reviews and secretive, often unfair treatments by highly centralized service providers. These problems make these services less effective for the one who seeks authentic, unbiased, and relevant recommendations.


On the app, users can find interesting venues that their friends, a trusted expert, the crowd, or the AI engine recommend. Thousands of venues in key destinations are pre-populated on the system, and through bounty mechanics and creation incentives, the content will quickly expand. The team also has a system in place to work directly with high-profile hotels and local influencers to identify the top venues in key destinations, get them listed and reviewed systematically, and therefore quickly provide a rich content experience for new users.

Smart and Personalized Recommendations

The geo-tagged data of people, where they have visited and who they are following, will allow the system to understand their preferences, enabling the artificial intelligence engine to recommend locations, experiences and other personalized and timely-relevant information. It will also allow the system to recommend people with similar interests. The Marco recommendation engine works similar to Netflix and Amazon, which recommend movies and books based on your previous consumption.

Review and Content Creation

The core functionality for user participation is content contribution. Users review and share their favorite places, along with smart tags and photo or video media. The community will reward users for their contributions.
Marco App rewards content providers in the form of MRC. The more and better quality of the content, the more MRC the creator will be rewarded. MRC enables users to up-vote content created by others and be rewarded for it as well.

Transactions on the Marco App

With the growing adoption and use of the app, Marco will roll out the transaction functionality that enables venues to list their products and services, with their users being able to make bookings, reservations, and purchases.
The Marco app offers a zero-commission marketplace between venues and their customers. Hotels can add and manage their room inventory, including descriptions with photos or other media, rates, and availability. Customers can use MRC to directly make bookings. Businesses are encouraged to provide a 3-5% loyalty rebate in MRC directly to the consumers from the commissions saved for transactions, in exchange for cross-vendors user data by consent.
Fiat payment options will be made available in the beginning. Venues are encouraged to issue coupons and vouchers with MRC that can be redeemed for features like room upgrades, free drinks, or discounts on other services. Marco Network will also airdrop MRC to certain preferred partners to kick-start the momentum.